After throwing myself into the revolution, I realized things aren't quite what they seem. There are a few very basic but important things you need to know. All of these caused me to ask questions in direct as I couldn't find an answer online. So here we go.

1. Buying a vehicle

Once you have bought a driving license you need a car, go to the car shop and buy whatever you like. However something that's new is the fact the cars/bikes/whatever are locked. You need to press L (or Ctrl+Space on some servers) to unlock the vehicle. Otherwise you will just get the option to unflip it. Vehicles will lock with you in them and you can't get out until you press L again.

2. Buying items

You can't make a bad purchase buying a GPS/NV.

But where are they?

Once you buy NV/GPS, etc from the guy selling car licenses (press E to open the shop menu, licenses are on the scroll menu) they appear in the ammo crate to the left of you. Just check the gear here and your GPS/NV should be in there.

3. Extra inventories

So you are a legit miner/drug trafficker - you've got a load of product, but you check your inventory and it's empty. You have a 2nd (TLR) inventory, use the 2 key to bring this up, here you can see how much unprocessed cocaine you have - or iron ore, or anything else not in your usual ArmA inventory.

4. Putting things in vehicles

Basically to access the vehicles inventory you need to stand at the rear of the vehicle and press T. This isn't the ususal ArmA interface, but still self explanatory.

5. Using things - Mining, fuelling, repairing

This is all done via the 2nd inventory, press 2. Select the item you want to use pickaxe/repair kit and away you go. Mining generally involves tea bagging the surrounding area to free up minerals. For vehicle repairs, the tool tip says you need to be in the drivers seat, however you can't do it from there, you need to be next to the vehicle.

Random bits and bobs

Alt-tab can cause your non-standard keys (1, 2, T, E etc) to not work? It's the tab key that does it it will turn TLR (Takistani Life: Revolution) keys on or off.

It's never a bad idea to take a repair kit with you, a broken wheel in the desert will ruin your day.

People can and will steal your vehicles. They use lockpicks.

Always buy bank insurance, it only costs 2000, and any bank raid will usually cost you 10000+.

The Y key will bring up another menu where you can choose an animation - dance baby dance.

If you have now moved on from ARMA 2 and purchased ARMA 3 than Takistan Life has recently been ported over by Link doesn't work. - Skywardhigh