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Welcome to the Takistan Life: Revolution Wiki

Takistan Life: Revolution is a custom mission for Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead or Combined Operations, and now also on Arma 3!

Note: This is NOT a mod. It is a custom mission for Arma 2 OA/CO.

Okay, are you ready for a new form of role playing? Do you enjoy the fire fights of a FPS, the realism of one too, and the experience of an MMO game, but can't find a game like that? Well, come to Takistan Life Revolution! It is a mission file for your all familiar Arma 2 game (OA to be exact) and doesn't require any downloads to play! There are several sides to choose from including your infamous terrorists, your average civilian, your wanted insurgents, and even the guys who love to eat donuts, yes, da cops. It is a mixed gameplay that fuels the corruption of the region we call Takistan. Strap up your suicide vests, load your Glock, and get ready for some explosive fun!*

* Please note that there are rules and some servers may have altered their rules, so please follow them accordingly.

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